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Monday, 13 April 2020

best zoos in the world-for adventure

Best zoos in the world 2020-for adventure

Are you an animal lover or wildlife adventure lover? If yes, then this article is for you. Today we are discussing about some Best zoos in the world in 2020. Are you ready for the adventure of wildlife? So pack your bags for your next destination and keep reading to find the Best zoos in the world.
Best zoo in the world

Best zoos in the world

Zoo is short for zoological garden, and also known as Animals park. The worlds first zoo (scientific zoo) is Landon zoo which is established in 1828. But it was opened to the public in 1847.
Now this modern-day everything going change and modernize. Now the zoo isn't out of them. We are trying to give you the best adventure to you and your family. We have divided the best zoo in the worlds into some category as per our research. Such as

  1. Safari park
  2. Animal theme parks
  3. Aquarium parks

1. Safari park :

Safari park known as a wildlife parks. It is just like a zoo. Safari parks attract more tourist by giving some attracting facility. The visitors can drive their own vehicles or ride to observe freely roaming animals and take the wildlife adventures. The first lion safari parks open in 1963 in Tama Zoological Park in Tokyo.
Bellow, we are discussing about the some best zoo in the world under the category of safari parks.

a) San Diego Zoo, California :
San Diego Zoo safari park is situated at southern California. It was first open in 1972.
Best zoos in the world.
It is an 1800 acre zoo and houses over 2600 animals of more than 300 species including Indian rhinoceros, Bactrian camels, cape buffalo, southern white rhinoceros, Sumatran tigers, Egyptian vulture, African lions, western grey kangaroos, red-necked wallabies and many more. It is a most visited zoo in the united states with over 4 million visitors annually.

b) Sao Paolo Zoo, Brazil :
The Sao Paolo Zoo is the largest zoos in Brazil. It is located in Sao Paolo city of Brazil with 203.7 acres space. 
Best zoos in the world.
It displays more than 3,200 animals of more than 400 species including snow leopard, spectacled bear, black jaguar, hyacinth macaw, Lear's macaws, cock-of-the-rock and many more.

c) Ranthambore National Park, India :
The Ranthambore National Park is one of the best parks for Tiger safari. It is situated in northern India. It covers an area of 1334 sq km and houses of wild animals, a variety of trees, plants, birds, and reptiles.
Best zoos in the world.
Ranthambhore wildlife sanctuary is known for its Bengal tigers. And the other attraction is Indian leopard, nilgai, wild boar, sambar, striped hyena, sloth bear, southern plains grey langur, rhesus macaque, mugger crocodile and Indias one of the largest Banyan tree. Not only wildlife adventure, you can test the diversity of history through Ranthambore fort. I think it will be great for your next destination.

2. Animal theme parks: 

An animal theme park, also known as a zoological theme park. This type of parks mainly for entertainment, amusement and commercial purpose. Here is a list of Best Zoo as per our category of animal theme park.

a) Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, Florida :
Busch Gardens located in the city of Tampa, Florida. It is one of a top amusement park in North America with over 4.1 million visitors per year. 
Best zoos in the world.
It is houses of more than 200 spaces including birds, reptiles, wild animals. Roller coaster is one of the main attraction in this zoo.

b) Bronx Zoo, New York :
Bronx Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the United State. It is situated in Bronx, New York. 
The zoo has more than 2 million visitors per year. 
best zoos in the world
It houses approximately 650 different species. And other main attraction of the zoo is Butterfly Garden, Wild Asia Monorail, Congo Gorilla Forest, Dinosaur Safari.

c) Singapore Zoo :
Singapore Zoo first opened in 1973, Singapore. It is a most visited zoo in Singapore with more than 1.5 million visitors each year. 
Best zoos in the world.
There are about 315 species of animal in the zoo. The zoo is offering many shows like Breakfast with an Orangutan, Rainforest Fights Back, Splash Safari and many more. Singapore zoo was ranked - Top 3 Zoos in the World, 2018 by Travellers' Choice Awards.

3. Aquarium parks:

Aquarium parks is a small aquatic part of the zoo. It is houses of many aquatic animals and plants. The first aquatic park open in Landon, 1853. If you are an ocean lover so it will be great for you. So stay with us and find the best zoo in the world as per our category of Aquarium parks.

a) Marine Life Park, Singapore :
The Marine Life Park is 2nd largest aquarium park in the world. It is located in Sentosa, Singapore.
Best zoos in the world.
The most popular exhibits of the Marine Life Park include over 800 species, such as Manta rays, indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, scalloped hammerhead sharks, the Japanese spider crab, guitarfish and many more.

b) Georgia Aquarium, Georgia :
The Georgia Aquarium is the largest in the United States and 3rd largest in the world. It is opening in 2012 in Georgia.
Best zoos in the world.
The aquarium is home to over 100 of species. Some notable species of this zoo is whale sharks, beluga whales, California sea lions, bottlenose dolphins, African penguins, eels, clownfish.
c) L'Oceanogràfic, Spain :
L'Oceanogr√†fic is the largest aquarium in Europe. It was opened in 2003. The park is the most visited place in the country. 
Best zoos in the world.
The park attracts more tourist by its exhibition of 500 different species including sharks, rays, penguin, reptiles, beluga etc. And the other attraction is a garden with more than 80 different species of plants.

These zoos are some of the best zoos in the world. We hope our suggestion will help you. But at the end of this article, we are humble requesting to you that save the animals, save the nature.

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