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Monday, 22 June 2020

Top 10 Best vegetables that grow in shallow containers

Top 10 Best vegetables that grow in shallow containers

Are you want to start a vegetable garden at your home, but you don't have enough space to start your garden. So you go for a vegetable garden in containers at your home. 

We all have many unused containers in the house that you can use the unutilized containers to grow vegetables. There are a lot of varieties of vegetables that grow in shallow containers.

vegetables that grow in shallow containers

Advantages Of Growing Vegetables In Shallow Containers

Container gardening is an easy way to grow vegetables in your balcony, kitchen or rooftop. Container gardening is required little space that is the main advantage of vegetable gardening in containers.

The vegetables we purchase from the market contain harmful chemicals, that is dangerous for our health. You can reduce the risk of eating this type of vegetable by growing vegetables at pot.

And the other benefit of growing vegetables in shallow containers is that it does not require much work as compare to another gardening. It required little care and lots of love.
We all are living in the earth, so it's our responsibility to take care of the earth. 
We all know the plastics are badly damaged our earth. If you use plastics containers to grow vegetables, it will help to the environment.

Requirements For Growing Vegetables

  1. Containers
  2. Seeds
  3. Potting mix soil
  4. Adequate amount of water
  5. Sunlight
  6. Drainage to grow well

Best Soil To Grow Vegetables

Soil is the most important part of gardening. All plants required quality soil and nutrients. If you are growing vegetables in shallow containers, then potting mix soil is best to use.

Topsoil soil will dry out too quickly, and your plants will struggle. After few days this soil will compact and, the water holding capacity becomes low.

The last most important thing is soil testing. Whenever you start planting, make sure you test your soil. Click here to know more about soil testing for garden.

Selecting a Container
If you want to start a vegetable garden in a container, then select large containers. But when you talk about shallow containers, you must be select the fibrous root system plants. The root system does not have big roots, so it's not required a large container.

Watering Your Vegetables 
Vegetables required water to grow, so keep in mind to supply water consistently. 
When you grow vegetables in a shallow container, it required more water. Because the shallow container can not contain more water and the plants struggle for moisture.

Fertilizing Your Vegetable 
Fertilize is the most important for the plants. 
All plants need nutrients to grow properly. The containerized plants need more water. Whenever you water, you wash some nutrients from the soil.

How To Grow Vegetables In Shallow Containers

The method of growing vegetables in shallow containers is simple and don't need to worry about it. You can grow many vegetables, fruits and herbs in container gardening. Check out all steps:
  1. Choose a container for your plants and make sure that it has a drainage hole.
  2. Take some potting soil mix and fill your container with potting soil.
  3. Sow some seeds of vegetables into soil.
  4. Water is required for the growth of plants. When you use a shallow container, it needs to take extra care to give water. Because the soil is not enough to hold enough water. But do not overwater, it can be dangerous for your plants.
  5. Sunlight is required for all plants, the duration depends on the types of plants.
  6. You can use LED grow lights. These lights will help you in gardening.

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15 Best vegetables that grow in shallow containers

We all love to eat fresh green veggies and it is easy to grow in shallow containers. Here is the list of 10 best vegetables that you can grow in shallow containers at home.
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1. Lettuce: Lettuce is the most used green veggies in salads. It is one of the fast-growing vegetables in containers, and it does not need more sunlight as compared to other veggies. 
So you can put the container garden in the kitchen that will give a beautiful look to your kitchen. For more decorative, you can use some decorative containers for gardening. Must use some quality soil that kept moisture. Try to give water in every morning or evening.
vegetables that grow in shallow containers

Lettuce growing is very simple, you need some water and some lettuce. Put the bottom part of the lettuce in water for a few days. After few days new roots will appear, and you can replant them in shallow containers.

2. Onions:
vegetables that grow in shallow containers
Onions are the most widely used and cultivated crops. Spring onions don't need deep soil, so it's a good option for containers gardens. Onions are easy to grow. Sow potting soil into containers and give water consistently.

3. Radishes: 
vegetables that grow in shallow containers
Crunchy radish eaten as salad vegetables throughout the world. You can grow radishes in shallow containers, and it's trouble-free crop good for beginner gardeners. Radishes require more sunlight so, keep the plants beside the window. Make sure to give water in every few days. It will be ready to harvest in a month.

4. Spinach:
vegetables that grow in shallow containers
Spinach is too good for your health, and it is so easy to grow in a container. Take a container with potting soil and sprinkle some seeds in soil. Give water properly, and do not put it into direct sunlight. Spinach is a little heat sensitive, so keep in mind and put the containers in a shady spot. Spinach can grow well during the winter season.

5. Chillies:
vegetables that grow in shallow containers
Chilli is widely used in dishes, and gives a fiery taste. You can grow chilli in a shallow container at window sill or roof are. Chillies require more sunlight to grow. 
Be sure to choose the spot that gets proper sunlight, and try to put it at least eight hours in a direct sunlight.

6. Mushrooms:
vegetables that grow in shallow containers
If you love to eat mushrooms, then it will be great for you if you can grow mushrooms at your own home. Do not be worry about mushrooms growing, it's too simple as other vegetables.
Its grows well in containers, and you can keep it in the balcony or kitchen as per your choice. There are many types of mushrooms available in the market you can choose which one you like the most.

7. Kale:
vegetables that grow in shallow containers
Kale is the healthiest vegetables, and it has many health benefits. It grows well in shallow containers and don't need too much space. 
It is easy to grow like other vegetables that grow in shallow containers. You can grow directly it from the seed.

8. Oregano:
vegetables that grow in shallow containers
Oregano is a popular herb that we use in many dishes. Container gardening is the best way to grow oregano. Most experts recommend to use container gardening for oregano. You need a shallow container for growing and use potting mix soil for best growth. Oregano need sunlights so keep them into sunny location.

9. Parsley:
vegetables that grow in shallow containers
Parsley grows well in a small space, so it's a perfect herb to grow in a shallow container. Winter season is the perfect time to grow parsley. Keep in mind to give water regularly and don't overwater your plant.

10. Rosemary:
vegetables that grow in shallow containers
Already it is clear that, herb gardening don't require too much space. If you want to make a container gardening then, you can start with rosemary. 
It grows well in shallow containers. Make sure to choose good quality potting soil mix and don't use peat moss. Regularly check dry level and don't make it too dry.

Before starting your container gardening, make a list of your all favourite vegetables that grow in shallow containers. Make beautiful garden and enjoy all fresh vegetables.


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