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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

7 Best Handsaw for Cutting Metal

Best Handsaw for Cutting Metal
Whenever you want to cut metal, you need the best handsaw. The handsaw will help you to cut accurately in less time.

Some metal is too hard. So choose a high-quality handsaw.
There are lots of cutting tools are available in the market, but handsaw is commonly used in all over the world.

We all know that many types of handsaw are available in the markets. But most of the handsaw are best for wood cutting. Only hacksaw is the best handsaw for cutting metal.

Here is the list of 7 Best handsaw for cutting metal.

1. Klein Tools 702-12 Hacksaw
2. CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw, 12-Inch Hacksaw
3. METAKOO Hacksaw
4. DEWALT Hack Saw, 5-in-1
5. LENOX Tools High-Tension Hacksaw
6.  AIRAJ 12 in Hacksaw
7. Greenlee 333A Hacksaw

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1. Klein Tools 702-12 Hacksaw

Klein Tools is one of the leading hand tool manufacturer in America. The hacksaw is specially designed for professional use that give you a professional cutting experience.

It comes with a 24 TPI bi-metal blade and 6" TPI bi-metal saw blade that gives you best results.

2. CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw, 12-Inch Hacksaw

The Craftsman handsaw comes with a solid metal frame designed. It has a 12'' fixed blade with 4.37'' cutting depth. 

The hacksaw has a large knob with a full grip handle. The best part of this hacksaw is you get full lifetime warranty.

3. METAKOO Hacksaw
The hacksaw set contains 2 hacksaw frame, one is normal size and, other is a mini hacksaw and 3 blades. The blades are respectively used for metal, wood, and plastic pipes.

All blades made with high-quality steel that give you effortless results. The saw blade is replaceable just press the button and change saw blade as per your requirement.

You can adjust hacksaw blade 45 degree to 90 degree according to you.

4. DEWALT Hack Saw, 5-in-1
Dewalt hack saw is one of the best hacksaw for cutting metals. It has a 5-in-1 feature that helps you in different works and saves you from spending money on purchasing different type hacksaws.

The hacksaw can move 45 degree or 90-degree angle as per your need. The 330 lbs high tension feature give you smooth and secure cutting.

The handle is fully covered by rubber, so you can easily grab it.

5. LENOX Tools High-Tension Hacksaw
If you are looking easy to use and comfortable hacksaw, then LENOX hacksaw is the right one for you. It is quite easy and convenient in use.

The hacksaw has an I-beam design that can adjust the blades up to 50000 PSI. The high tension blade of this hacksaw gives you quick accurate and, professional cutting work.

The blade is replaceable, and you can quickly turn the hacksaw into a jab saw.

6. AIRAJ 12 in Hacksaw
The hacksaw made from high-quality steel that makes the hack saw hardness, durable.

The hacksaw has 7 different types of blades that you can use in construction, decoration, DIY projects, outdoor works.

You can change the blades easily just press one button to replace. You can adjust, tight or loosen the saw blades.

7. Greenlee 333A Hacksaw
The Greenlee 333A die-cast hacksaw is one of the best hacksaw for cutting aluminium.

The hacksaw has a large throat that help for deep cuts. The bimetal design blade gives long cutting life and flexibility. 

The handle of the hacksaw is made with heavy-duty die-cast aluminium that makes it break-proof. If you are work with PVC pipes, then it will be the best choice for you.

But before buying the hand saw, you need to know some valuable factors that keep in mind while purchasing hand saw.
Here are some factors that will help you to decide the best hand saw for cutting metal.

Quality of product
Quality should be the first priority when you buy anything. When you search the best handsaw, you need to check the quality of the material that is used.

If the handsaw material is not quality, then the tool may not have long durability.

Blade is the prime part of the hack saw. You must check the blade quality. The saw blade must be made with high-quality steel or metal.

Because the quality steel gives you the best result and durability.
Second you must check that is teeth per inch (TPI) in the blade. The hack saw with high TPI gives you a fine cuts.

This type saw works well on aluminium, copper type thin metals. In the other hand, the hack saw with less TPI give you a coarse cut. This type saw works well on steel, iron and other hard metal. 

Convenient of use
you use this tool by your hand so the handsaw must be convenience for you. The handsaw must be lighter so it will easy to carry, and use.

The next part is the handle that helps you to hold the handsaw. The handle must cover with a rubber grip.

The rubber grip must be slip resistance, and that give you comfort.

Some tips when you use a handsaw for cutting metal

After buying the best hand saw, it is essential to maintain the saw properly and use it safely. Here are some tips you can use.

1. Safety is necessary, so allows wear safety gloves when you use a handsaw.

2. Not only hand, eye can be affected when you cutting metal. When you cut any metal some small metal parts are flying that can harm your eyes. So you use a protective eyeglasses.

3. Clean the hacksaw after every use to prevent from rusting. And don't leave the saw on the metal after cutting.

4. Store the hacksaw in a safe place because it can harm anyone.


Handsaw is helpful for all-purpose like woodwork, site work, handcraft work, or in house purpose. I hope the article "7 Best Handsaw for Cutting Metal" will help you to pick the right one for you. We tried to give some best handsaw list that fit with your work and in budget.

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