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Monday, 20 July 2020

20 Essentials tools every man should have in his garage

 20 Essentials tools every man should have in his garage

tools every man should have in his garage
Tools are the most helpful things in your house. You can do lots of work like DIY projects, electrical work, or car repairing. If you want to repair or maintain anything, then you must have some essential tools and basic skill.

From woodwork like fixing table, to repair pipeline or garage door; there are many repairing and maintenance work that will arise in anytime.

There are many tools available that can help you maintain or repairing of things. But whenever you will do any home improvement works or any repairing works; you must have the right tools to work.
Here I will share a list of top 20 tools every man should have in his garage. Check out the list and confirm with your toolbox.

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List of 20 Essentials tools every man should have in his garage

20 Essentials tools every man should have in his garage
Photo by iMattSmart on Unsplash
Hammer is a very essential tool for your toolbox. It use in lots of work like hammering nails, shaping, and breaking applications.

You can pick a claw hammer that better than the old steel hammer. Generally, claw hammer is most used in woodworking but you can use its other uses.
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2. Adjustable Wrench
tools every man should have in his garage
Image: Unsplash
A toolbox is not complete without Adjustable Wrench. It is a useful tool for a man. It uses to loosen or tighten of different sizes of nut or bolts.

Be simple in using the wrench and do not over tighten your nut or bolts.
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tools every man should have in his garage
Image: Unsplash
Pliers are one of the pretty versatile tools that you must have in your garage. They come in all kind of shapes, you can choose as per your work or take all in your toolbox.

Pliers are most use in electrical work. Pliers are very helpful, and you can do lots of thing with a plier. 

You can use a plier to loosening or tightening bolts, bending, or straightening objects. Some pliers also help you to cut wire and nails.
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4. Screwdriver 
tools every man should have in his garage
Image: Unsplash
Most of the people do their first work with a screwdriver. It has a simple design and easy to use.

There are many types of screwdrivers for different types of screws. It will help you to tighten or loose any screws.
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5. Utility Knife

Generally, it uses for cutting purposes, but you can use it endlessly. It has a sharp metal blade that will help you to cut cardboard, rope, and more.

Whenever you do your DIY projects, a utility knife will help you the most.
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6. Handsaw
tools every man should have in his garage
Image: Pixabay
A handsaw is the most useful tool for carpenters. But not only carpenters also you can use it for your work. 

You can cut wood, plywoods, pipes, electrical outlet, and more. For best cutting results, the first mark a cutline and hold the saw properly, then cut the object.

If you are boar with this ordinary handsaw, so you can try Japanese pull saw. The Japanese pull saw gives you a better result. 
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7. Tape
tools every man should have in his garage
Image: Unsplash
Everyone knows very well about the tape because we all used it in our daily life work.  It will help you to fix something, temporarily repair a hole, and more.

There are many types of tape available like adhesive tape, electrical tape,  double-sided tape, duct tape, etc.
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8. Measuring Tape
Image: Pixabay
Built or fix something without Measuring Tape, it's like drawing a straight line without a ruler. When you want to make something you need the size dimension of the object. 

Measuring Tape will help you to accurate measuring. It is easy to use just like a ruler.
9. Flashlight 
tools every man should have in his garage
Image: Unsplash

Flashlight is necessary for your garage. When you work on an important project, and suddenly power cut can mess up all. So it better to have a Flashlight. 

It helps you to work something that needs extra light like working in car or looking something under the bed or sofa.
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10. Cordless Drill

Image: Unsplash

The 10th essential tool is the Cordless Drill that every man should have. Cordless drill is the most popular power tools in every home. 

This electrical power tools mostly use for puts hole in wood, walls, brick or solid surface. Without this all, you can use for fix scrows or use in home improvement works.

If you are thinking to purchase a cordless drill so must check power, voltage, battery capacity at the time of purchasing.
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11. Chainsaw
20 Essentials tools every man should have in his garage
Image: Unsplash

If some furniture are required to cut for home improvement, then you must use a chainsaw instead of a handsaw. 

Chainsaw will help you to do fast work. You don't want to waste your lots of time by using a handsaw for big objects.

But be care full in using it. If you don't know how to use it, you can check some videos on youtube for how to use a chainsaw. 
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12. Ladder
tools every man should have in his garage
Image: Pixabay

Number 12th tool in this list is Ladder. Ladder is very common in every home or worksite. 

It used everywhere because it is easy to use and, don't need any support. If you want to do work in the ceiling or, roof you will need a ladder.

There are two types of ladders are available, one is steps ladder and the other is extension ladder.
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13. Rope
tools every man should have in his garage
Image: Unsplash

At least one bundle of rope is must include in your list. When you want to pull something or attaching something, then a rope will help you. 

There are many type of ropes you can find in the market. But the plasma rope is one of the best for work.
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14. Bow Rake

Bow rake is very common in use in the garden. It is a useful tool for picking up leaves from gardens.
 You can use it for cleaning the lawn and picking up debris.
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15. Car jacks and jack-stands

Car jacks and jack-stands is essential tools that must-have in your garage. Whenever you do work in your car, you need a car jacks and jacks stand to lift car

There are many jack stands are available in the market but you must choose a jack stand that can hold the double weight of car.
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16. A Pipe Snake

A Pipe Snake is a long flexible metal cord that you can use in long pipes like a kitchen pipe or bathroom pipe. Pipe Snake help you from pipe blockage. 

It's very important to use it correctly. If you don't use it properly, it can damage your pipe.
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17. Portable Car Battery Charger

Portable Car Battery Charger is helpful for a car when the car's battery is dead.
It will charge the dead battery and give power to jump-start a car. It is easily portable, and it's handy.
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18. Ear Protection

When you working and the sound level is too high, it can damage your ear. It is essential to take care of yourself and wear ear protection.
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19. Shovel
tools every man should have in his garage
Image: Unsplash

Shovel is a helpful tool, especially in winter for shovelling snow from the road.
It used for moving bulk materials such as soil, snow, sand. It also help in digging a hole or gardening.
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20. Non-contact Voltage Tester

Non-Contact Voltage Tester will help you to check voltage in wire, or devices without touch any wire or parts.
It will save you from shock. It is easy to use, just hold it, and it will work itself.
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tools every man should have in his garage
Image: Unsplash

I hope my article "
20 Essentials tools every man should have in his garage" will help in your work. If you have some suggestion tell us in the comment.


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