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Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Lasko digital ceramic heater reviews

Lasko digital ceramic heater reviews

Lasko is a well-known company in the US and also around the world. It's manufacturing great-looking, high-performance home products over 100 years.

The company was founded in 1906 by Henry Lasko in Philadelphia. The Lasko guaranteed their performance, quality, and value to their customers. 

Why you use ceramic heater?

Ceramic heaters are one of the best heater for your rooms. The ceramic heater has a ceramic plat with aluminium baffle. When you switch on the heater, the ceramic plate absorbs heat from electricity and supplied heat to the aluminium baffles. 

Then the baffles spread heat all over the room. The ceramic heating system gives batter performance than other traditional heaters.

One other advantage is you can use it in a large room or area. It works quite good and perform batter than other ordinary heaters. 

And the best part is the ceramic heater has lots of safety features. The heater has heat regulators that control electric heat flow. Some of the ceramic heater has advanced features like thermostats, sensors, time, and remote controlling.

If you are thinking about the budget, then don't worry. It is cheaper than traditional heaters. Not only the price, but it will also save energy.

Lasko digital ceramic heater reviews

Lasko digital ceramic heater

Lasko 5586 is a digital ceramic tower heater with programmable thermostat with 8 hours timer. It has a digital display for thermostat setting. 

Lasko 5586 digital ceramic heater has many safety features that is really good. So if you are searching a best ceramic heater for your bedroom or living room, it will be a great choice.


1. Digital controls
Today world is digital, and the digital work is easier than manual. Same as the Lasko ceramic tower heater. You can digitally control with digital display.
It helps you to operate all heat settings, automatic thermostat, and timer.

2. Widespread oscillation
The tower heater has a powerful elongated heating elements. It can provide 1500 watt comfort warmth, and it pushes hot air all over the room.

3. Multi-Function Remote Control
Lasko digital ceramic heater is easy to use. It has a multi-function remote for use and controlling. The Remote help you to control heater's all function with convenient. 

4.Safety Features
Lasko digital ceramic heater has many safety features like overheat protection, self-regulating ceramic element, and cool-touch housing.

The heater will maintain the heating temperature in the room and protect from overheat protection.

5. Easy to use
Lasko digital ceramic heater is easy to use and user friendly.  You can easily move the heater from one place to another place. It has a convenient carry handle in the back of the heater.

  1. Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 8.8 x 29.5 inches
  2. Item Weight: 7 pounds
  3. Manufacturer: LASKO
  4. Item model number: 5586
  5. Batteries: 2 AAA batteries required.
  6. Included Components: Heater, base, hardware, remote control, manual, warranty

Why you choose Lasco digital ceramic heaters

Today ceramic technology is one of the most common in heaters. Lasko has a lot of variety in ceramic heaters.

The heater is easy to use and, you can directly move the heater anywhere you want. It has carrying handle and non-slip grip. 

The design of the heater is very advanced, that will definitely attract you. The Lasko digital ceramic heater will perfectly match with your home decor.

 The heater is small, lightweight, and durable. You can easily move the heater everywhere, from bedroom to living room. And it also saves space in your house.

All the features like multi-function remote, digital display, and all safety features will make it a better option. It gives you top safety and convenience.
 Another prime advantage is it gives you fast temperature adjustments in large space.

Most of the people know that Lasko is a well-known company and they try to give their best to the customers. So you don't worry regarding the durability, it will give service for many years.

 When I start research for the article Lasko digital ceramic heater reviews, I saw that most of the people concern about the safety.
 But the Lasko is impressed me through its safety features.

Safety is a high priority for this brand. They include quality features in the heater to prevent any damage or accidental incidents.
 The best part is the Lasko gives 3-years warranty on the ceramic heater.

In the past, we all know that many fire accidents are happen from heaters. But in the modern ceramic heaters are strict their safety features, and they try to give quality safety protection.
 It come with many safety features like cool-touch housing feature, auto-shutoff feature.  

How to choose the best ceramic heater

Ceramic heaters come in a lot of size and range variety.
If you are searching the best ceramic heater for your home, you will get lots of option are available. You should choose carefully that will perfect for you.

Here, we list down some points that will help you to find the best ceramic heater for your home.

1. Thermostat: Thermostat is one of the best feature that will control the temperature settings in your room. The thermostat found in two types. Some ceramic heaters have a manual thermostat that has a dial for temperature adjusting.
And, some ceramic heater comes with a digital heater that has a control panel to set temperature.

2. Fan speed: Fan speeds is the other main factor. The fan speeds will control and spread the heat in the room. Most of the ceramic heater has low to high fan speed.

3. Remote control: Remote controlling feature give you convenient and make it easy to use. You can control everything through this remote from anywhere in the room.

4. Overheat protection: Most of the ceramic heater have this overheat protective feature. This feature will protect your room from harmful heat temperature.
It has a sensor that will automatically shut off the heater when it senses overheat.

Some safety tips & tricks

Here we give you some safety tips, make sure you will keep in mind when you use a heater. 

When you think to buy a ceramic heater first, you decide the place where you want to use the heater. If you use only in your room, then you will choose the fixed one.

Lasko digital ceramic heater requires a lot of electricity, so don't use any extension cord. It can be the cause of a short circuit or any damages. Be sure to must use direct power line outlet with heater.

Before starting the ceramic heater, you must place it in a flat surface. If you keep the ceramic heater in an uneven surface, it can be not working accurately and cause of an accident.

Keep in mind to keep away flammable items like paper, wood, fabrics, plastics from the heater. If the ceramic heater gets too hot, this flammable items can catch fire easily.

So keep in mind all these tips that can help you. I hope that Lasko digital ceramic heater reviews will help you.

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