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Saturday, 7 November 2020

Are hiking boots necessary?

Are hiking boots necessary

Are hiking boots necessary?

Hiking boots traditionally used by most of the hiker. Many of them are loved to wear hiking shoes or boots. But some of people always ask the question " are hiking boots necessary?"

The answer is can't given by yes or no. Because the necessary of hiking boots or shoes are depend on a few factors. 
1. What hiking are you planing?
2. How long your hiking plan?
3. Where you ware hiking shoes?
4. What kind of terrain will you encounter?
5. Your needs from hiking boots.

The shortest most appropriate answer for the question is hiking boots are not compulsory for short hikes, there is no hard and fast rules. But hiking boots are highly recommended by many hikers.

When are hiking boots are really necessary?

If you plan your hikes in rough, rocky trails, then you should be with hiking boots. In this situation, your feet can be slipping. The hiking boots or shoes gives you safety and comfort. It will make your hiking experience batter.

Advantages of wearing hiking boots

1. Hiking in the rocky, rough hills that give you enjoyment. But feet want safety and comfort from the rough terrains. 

Hiking boots have heavily padded soles and comfortable design. It will save you feet from any cuts or blisters.


2.  When you hike on uneven hills and scrambling on rocks, your feet and ankle need to move as possible.

 The hiking boots gives support to your ankle and foot. It prevents the ankle from twist and ensure your leg remain straight. 

When you carry a backpack on your back, the support is needed. If you plan for a hiking in rough terrains, it is better to wear hiking boots or shoes than the regular sneakers.

3. We all know that hiking gives most enjoyment when you hike on the rough terrains. But the safety must be the first priority. It is necessary to take precautions and wearing your safety gear. 

There is a high risk of slipping from rocky terrains. The hiking boots give you protection and, allow them to grip on the rough terrains.
Regular shoes or sports shoes made for walking on a flat surface. It's not suitable for rough terrains.

4. Hiking shoes giving you safety with comfort. We all know that the summer and spring is popular for hiking time but now winter also.

 But the cold weather and snow is terrible for your feet. It's very hard to walk on the heavy cold. But you must be thankful your hiking boot that will protect from cold.

Not only from the weather it also protect you from water. Now, most of the hiking boots are waterproof. It also protect you from ice, streams and cheeks. I think now you know that how necessary are hiking boots.

Are hiking boots necessary

Disadvantages of wearing hiking boots

There are some drawback of wearing hiking boots. So you can think of some alternative for hiking.

 The price of hiking shoes is a little high. If you search an alternative, like running shoes or other shoes are more cheaper than hiking boots.

Walking boots required more maintenance then running shoes. 

Walking boots are heavy in weights because the hiking boots made with heavy soles. This extra weight can be a cause of feet pain.

Alternative of wearing hiking boots

If you are not want to wear hiking boots, you can choose alternatives. There are many alternatives, like trail running shoes, running shoes. You can choose a good alternative boots.

If you go on a short hike, you can wear sneakers running shoes. You can try new hybrid sneakers mixture of hiking shoes and sneakers. This type sneakers one of the best alternative of hiking boots.

Last is the trail running shoes that are most popular in hiking. But before choosing any shoes, you must know the hiking boots features and check all features with the shoes. 

Features of hiking boots

Already you know that the hiking boots are not necessary in all time, but you must wear hiking boots or any alternative shoes on hiking. It is important to protect yourself correctly. But when you choose any alternative shoes, you should keep in mind some points.

1. Material: Materials are one of the important elements of shoes. If you feel uncomfortable while wearing shoes, that not be the right choice for you.

In the early years, rubber is the most used material for shoes, but now the market and the technology has changed. Nowadays manufacturer used sorts of air soles, pads, gel or fluid soles as material.

2. Weight: Heavyweight shoes are consuming more oxygen and provides more ankle support and stability. It is helpful when you carry a heavy backpack on back. It is one of the important features to consider.

But nowadays many hiking shoes manufacturer reduce weight. Both heavy and lightweight shoes have pros and cons. 

3. Waterproof: Waterproof shoes are really helpful in hiking. It will help you to dry your feet, and especially in snow. You can keep in mind these points when purchasing hiking boots.

Now it's time to pick you hiking partner: hiking boots. Here, we list down some best hiking boots for you.  They will make your journey more pleasureful. 

Best Hiking shoes in 2020

1. Danner Mountain 600 Hiking Boots

Danner mountain 600 hiking boot is lightweight and comfortable shoes. So you can easily use it. It have flexible Vibram sole, waterproof liner, and water-resistant suede. 

Danner mountain shoes are for both town and trail use purpose.  It equally useful for town and trail, and best for if you want one pair for both purpose.

2. Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX

Salomon 3 GTX shoes are one of the best selling hiking shoes. The boot is great for all-purpose use. Salomon 3 GTX is not very lightweight, but it's super comfortable. It gives you extra support to your ankle.  The quest 4D can be your best friend in hiking. 

3. Vasque St. Elias GTX Hiking Boots

GTX hiking boot is a classic full boot with modern features. It's very stable and durable. The boot made with full-grain leather.
The boot has midsole, rubber toe cap and waterproof body. It gives you high protection on hiking. 

Are hiking boots necessary


It's time to discuss the answer to " Are hiking boots necessary." All advantage and disadvantage of wearing hiking shoes are already mentioned.

If you are hiking on a rough, rocky, uneven trails, so you should wear quality hiking boots or shoes. But if you walking or hiking on relatively flat trails, so it's not necessary to wear hiking boots.

But in the end, it comes to the personal preference. you can wear hiking boots, or you can choose an alternative, trail runners can be a better option.

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